Dawn has a strong foundation in business and life consulting: admissions, business advising, career, executive coaching, stress elimination, work/life balance, being in bliss and more!

Dawn has served many blissful clients around the world including: Fortune 500 Executives, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Harvard, Stanford and an array of Alumni, Artists, Athletes, Doctors, Mothers, Fathers and Celebrities.

“Dawn was an invaluable advisor on our multi-billion dollar distribution deal. It was a very complicated business situation and she did a great job in helping us achieve our goals. She helped us increase our ROI by 30% and developed an innovative system for deals and M&A that led to an increase in profitable investments of 20%. We made a lot of money because of her. ”

~ Thomas Pritzker, Billionaire, Chairman & CEO, The Pritzker Foundation & Fortune 100 CEO

“Dawn is very intelligent, healing and an excellent adviser. She has a rare combination of business know-how and well-being wisdom. Her Bliss Maximizer package gave me immediate results helped me increase ROI and the bottom line with investments. Her consulting led to a continuous 20% increase for our PE portfolio companies. She is great with business and evaluates holistically.

Also, she is amazing with well-being. I have seen the best doctors in the world and frequent the Golden Door spa.

Dawn is unmatched in her ability to get to the root causes of a problem and develop a both a short-term and long-term solution. She is like a dog with a bone that she does not give up until she finds out everything that is wrong and then advises you on how to eliminate the problem. I was so impressed that I tried to hire her as an interim CEO at one of my Global companies. I go to her because she is the best.”

~Salah Hassanein, Self-made Millionaire & Global Investor, CEO, SMH Investments & Media, and Chairman, Variety International Lifeline Organization

“I am a very practical person and professional who only deals with the best. I do not have time for people who are mediocre or who do not have integrity. Dawn got a consistent 15% profit increase across my global businesses. She also did it in a way that created a happy culture where staff feels valued.

Dawn is the best consultant and business person. There are three things that distinguish Dawn. First, she is the most intelligent person I have ever met. She is literally a genius and you can easily see it when you talk with her. I have dealt with many people from top schools, PhDs, CEOs. I have also worked with professionals from Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and other top companies. Dawn beats them all. When you deal with her, it is easy to see why she graduated as a scholar from Harvard. She is in the top 1% in everything she does. Second, Dawn gets RESULTS. I think there are those business people who talk about ideas. Dawn turns ideas into reality. On every problem, I consulted with her about, she came up with a practical solution and tangible steps we could take to address the issue. Third, Dawn has a unique combination of disparate skills that allow here to tackle difficult areas across the entire value chain of a company. She is analytical but also innovative which is a very rare combination. Her persona is so pleasing that everyone can get along with her. She was liked by everyone across my multiple companies.

A person especially those in business, would be lucky to have Dawn as a consultant. She is a powerhouse.”

~ Fred Segal, Self-made Billionaire and Successful Real Estate Developer

“Just being in Dawn’s presence is so uplifting. Add on to that her ability to develop solutions that lead to all stakeholders being addressed. Dawn came up with creative solutions that helped my companies both with people and profits, increasing it by 25%. It is not just that she gets incredible results with money, it is that she comes up with ideas that support many stakeholders.

She is also the best coach! Having a bliss session with her is like spending time with a Goddess in her 20’s who has the exuberance of a child and the wisdom of a very old soul. She smiles at you and has that wonderful laugh. I have made movies around the world and seen spiritual advisors in many countries.

I received a different perspective on my business and life that provided amazing clarity for my professional and personal pursuits. It is almost impossible to put into words the deep guidance she gave me. She helped me make more money, and more than that, she helped me transform my life. Dawn is the BEST advisor I have ever worked with.

I see Dawn being in movies and having her own successful TV show that makes a big impact upon the business world and people’s daily lives. She is a natural on-camera, has a dynamic presence and the unique gift of being able to touch people in a very short time.

Seeing Dawn truly changed my life in every way. “

~ Jonathan Krane, World Renowned Movie Producer

“One of the most amazing things about Dawn is her integrity. She is honest and takes responsibility for her actions. When she says something, she is speaking the truth. She does not play games. It is so rare these days to find someone who has such integrity and honesty. She also is so pleasant and a real person. I worked with her for over a year on private equity and real estate deals. Dawn was able to find solutions that optimized our roi, and made our clients happy. She knows how to get things done in a way that is not confrontational and is sustainable. I wanted to make her president of one our companies and that is how much I value her exemplary consulting”

~ Roland Hass, PE Executive

“Dawn’s work is truly based in Physics. Having studied technology and science and having a PhD, I was curious about a Harvard MBA who had all these skills and gifts. She spoke to me with a deep Physics knowledge about how what she does is routed in Physics. She sounded like an Einstein explaining to our group, including rocket scientists, about how to use Physicals principles to apply it to business, world and health problems. She took complex issues and explained it in a simple way that anyone could understand.She is certainly smart enough to get a PhD in Physics herself and it would be great to have her in our field. I think that everyone could benefit from consulting with Dawn. Her approach has universal application for a multitude of problems.”

~ Thanos Papadimitriou, PhD, Professor and Global Entrepreneur

“Dawn predicted the major Wall Street financial crisis for 2008 and the fall of major financial institutions such as Lehman & Merrill. She is eerily accurate! Through her career coaching, I was able to get a better job paying more money at a company that is financially sound & stable. For INCREASING MONEY and navigating a successful career, there is no one better than Dawn!!!”

~ Ray, Happily Employed Consultant

“I am a very picky person who requires the best out of the consultants I work with. I want the person to be effective, efficient, knowledgeable and get RESULTS. Dawn is the BEST school admissions and career coach. She went above and beyond paying attention to me and every single part of the admissions and job search process. She knows colleges, MBA programs, Law and Medical schools very well. She can tell you the differences between what Harvard looks for versus Stanford. I got accepted into multiple programs because of her. I also consulted with Dawn on career planning, resumes, and interviews for jobs both after graduating from college and grad school. She helped me get into the competitive industries of PE and management consulting. I have used her for years and got great jobs because of her. Her expertise in a wide array of industries really helps. She has done recruiting so she knows what many companies look for. She is incredible!

~ Jennifer, Ecstatic Professional


“Dawn’s ability to assess a situation, provide clarity and give an optimal path for attaining career and life goals is incredibly empowering. Her maximizer package is the best. I made a change and am now in a happy career. She changed my life!”

~ Solaria Perez, Financial Executive and Harvard Business School Alum

“Dawn is a twenty-something who has the wisdom of a sage, guru, doctor, President and CEO all rolled into one. I was blown away by Dawn’s advice. Everything that comes our of her mouth sounds like literary quotes and wise words from someone much older than her. I went to her to get a better job and not only did I leave improving my prosperity but also my health and happiness. She gave me advice and solutions for 10 diverse topics. She can address any issue and so instead of going to 10 other advisers, I can just use her: simple, easy and effective. There is no one else like her period.”

~ William, Business Executive

“Dawn is the best Executive Coach in the world. She gives you easy to use tangible techniques and guides you step by step for improving your business. I increased my sales 100% because of her. If you want to maximize your profits, Dawn is the person for you.”

~ Harry, CEO

“I was inexperienced with this process and felt very intimidated. Dawn’s vast experience put me immediately at ease. Her career coaching package is a must. She helped me with the resume, interviews, social media, etc. She gave me great tips on how to approach my new employer and advice about certain aspects of my contract. I finished the contract and gained incredibly useful tips on how to negotiate effectively. I highly recommend Dawn to anyone who wants career coaching – she is absolutely wonderful!”

~ T. Tam, Marketing professional

“Dawn is the Oprah of advisers and problem solvers. She was great with me and got tangible results in my music business and life. If you have a problem and need help, she is the one to go to. She is also dynamic and creative. Watching her in action as she shares information with you is mesmerizing. She also has so many creative ideas and tips. She will have her own TV show.”

~ Stevie J., Grammy Award Winning Music Producer

“Dawn is the best value and she should really be charging more money. I was fed-up of using consultants but Dawn is different. Working with Dawn is like getting 4 consultants in 1: Harvard MBA business consultant, career coach, health adviser and intuitive. It is really an investment as you more than get your money back. Doing the Bliss Maximizer package with her was the best money I ever spent. My business revenues increased, I improved my health and personal relationships, and I feel so happy. I have the right tools now in how to run a successful business and have a fulfilling life. She is great.”

~ Jeff, Entrepreneur

“I can’t say it enough, Dawn is absolutely amazing! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason and there was a reason I met Dawn. She has such a beautiful and soothing spirit about her. From the very first moment we started talking, it felt as though I was talking with an old girlfriend getting some guidance and direction about my ultimate life path. I recently went through a pretty major change in my career – my position was eliminated after a company-wide reorganization. Dawn helped me to see that I am now entering a new phase of my life and gave me the steps I need to take in order to get to my ultimate life path and true happiness. Although I am quite comfortable in the industry I have been in, she has guided me out of my comfort zone and to look at new industries – industries which will ultimately compliment my strengths that have not been utilized or even developed yet. Her clarity and insight about the things that have and are happening in my life right now has really opened up my eyes to endless possibilities. If you are looking for some clarity and direction in your life, Dawn is definitely the one you need to talk to. Thanks again for everything, Dawn!”

~ Jamie Baumann, Entrepreneur

“The difference with Dawn is that she gets RESULTS and makes you Money. She has the unique ability to develop a strategy and action plan that keeps a company ahead of its competitors. Her market predictions were right on target. Her Stakeholder Analysis identified gaps in our business focus. My company increased profits 20% in a short time because of Dawn. In addition, her suggestions for improved productivity and processes resulted in a culture that is happy and less stressed. I was above satisfied with Dawn’s results so much so that I wanted her to join our executive team.”

~ Mike, CEO

“I call Dawn the amazing Fixer. As a Private Equity executive and self-made millionaire, I am very practical and a go-getter. I want a consultant who can keep up with me and add value. I was very skeptical about Dawn. However, I was highly referred to her so I gave it a shot. I am glad I did. Dawn blew me away. She had better ideas on PE deals than others with deep finance backgrounds. She has a unique skill of getting to the core of a problem and figuring out the best way to solve it. I started off dealing with her on professional matters but she was so good that I asked her about personal issues. She came up with ideas that I would never have thought of. I am more successful and much happier because of Dawn. I have used many consultants and advisers over the past 10 years and none have given me the profound level of change that Dawn brought to my life. If you want something in life, talk to Dawn.I am not kidding when I say that she is like a genie (and I do not believe in that mumbo jumbo stuff). Thank you Dawn for everything.”

~ Paul, Private Equity Executive

“Dawn, there is no way I can truly thank you for all you have done for me. I was skeptical thinking you could not help. You are the perfect fixer to figure out how to as you like to say “maximize” all areas of my life. You showed me how to integrate my personal and professional life so that I could live one life instead of being pulled in all different directions. I got a promotion at work and also now am much happier in my marriage. I went to you for one problem and you ended up fixing many areas. You are EXTRAORDINARY!”

~ Mary, Happy Executive, Wife & Mother

“Dawn is a superlative adviser. I used 3 consultants before her and all made me stressed and did nothing for my sales. Dawn understands what is going on in the business market before it happens, eerie. She helped me develop a strategy and practical plan of action. BOTTOM LINE: Dawn gets RESULTS. I revamped my business and increased my revenues by 50%.”

~ Sam, Happy Business Owner

“Most people have 1 area that they focus on and choose to excel in. Dawn is a truly unique and powerful woman. She is an Adviser, Writer, Producer, TV Host, Clairvoyant, Artist, T-Shirt Designer, Professional Photographer, successful business executive, just to name a few of her talents. She excels in multiple areas when most people can barely excel in one. Plus, her life experiences of emerging victorious from poverty, homelessness and abuse is so INSPIRATIONAL.

Many advisers help people but do not live their own advice and I have met many famous self-help people. Dawn embodies excellence, spirituality, inspiration, intelligence, intuition, creativity and she gives you ALL of her in each and every session. You will NEVER find another person like Dawn. This woman is a life and world changer and you should definitely see her.

You should buy art from Dawn and that way you will always have her intuitive uplifting energy with you. I find her art pieces and photography deep and fabulous.”

~ John, Very Successful CEO

“Dawn is the BEST and that is the only way to say it. I have used advisers and consultants for over 20 years. I am discriminating about who I use and usually feel that the service was okay. Dawn is extraordinary and excellent! What makes Dawn unique is that she is effective and impactful in so many ways: business/career, spiritual, health, and the list goes on. It is like having 5 advisers rolled up into one person. She is both the most intuitive and intelligent person I have ever met and these 2 areas usually do not go together. She got me immediate results in both my personal and professional life. She had better business ideas than McKinsey and her spiritual wisdom surpasses everyone I have ever dealt with.”

~ Lillian, Corporate Executive

“Thank you for your help with my career! Your career coaching is the best. You were astoundingly right in ‘reading’ my interviewer’s approach to the meeting. You helped me get the perfect job where I am making great money and enjoying what I do.”

~ Alex Stepanov, Biotechnology Executive & Harvard Business School Alum

“Dawn is both seer and CEO. Personal and professional development is crucial and I was especially impressed by Dawn’s work. I think all the time of the inspiration that came through it, of it. She guided me with practical advice that led to immediate positive changes in both areas.”

~ Carmel Harney, President, Harney & Associates

“Dawn helped me re-launch, maintain and improve my money situation. I had a coaching business and did not know what to do. I was reluctant about spending money but after one session with Dawn, I realized that she could help me make money. I got the Bliss Maximizer package. My life coaching business was floundering. Dawn gave me a plan and steps to build my business. I was able to increase my revenue by 40%. Dawn is FANTASTIC at helping you take your business to the next level and make more money. She helped me with marketing, business development, getting new clients, the right pricing and so much more.”

~ Amy, Happy in my coaching business

“THANKS for the excellent college admissions advising and career coaching.  I wanted to be at the best tech company and you helped me. I was about to give up on my dream but you showed me what to do.  I went to many “coaches” but they often talked about dreams just in general.  You are the utmost professional adviser, fixer and consultant.  You gave me everything that they could not. I am happy and in my dream profession because of you.”

~ Sonia, Tech executive

Wellbeing Reviews

“For my ongoing life-force transformation, Dawn’s positive presence has been overflowing with the healing energy of abundance, light and love. The wisdom of her collaboration with ascended spiritual masters has gifted me insightful nuggets for my aspiring integration of mind, body and spirit.”

~ Jerry Levin, former CEO, Time Warner


“The Big C affected me and I was at a loss.  Dawn gave me advice to improve my health and stress but I did not listen to her.  Then I kept getting worse and realized that I have this incredible person who can help me.  Sometimes we do not want to hear it because we are so angry at our situation – why me?  I went back to Dawn and used her SPISE approach; I am ten times better because of her.  She really gives you tangible techniques to help you that are invaluable.”

~ Jennifer, Happily alive

“Dawn, you saved me in so many ways. I did not know what to do about the cancer. You showed me that our whole health – spiritual, body, mind, heart, food, lifestyle- can aid in eliminating cancer. As you say, cancer are our own cells. I am ALIVE today because of you.”

~ Mary, Mom


“Dawn’s gift is that she is the ‘gracious communicator’. After just turning 40, I was struggling with both my self-owned business and my personal life.  I was desperate to start a family.  Within the first session, Dawn connected me with my soul’s path and provided me examples of people in my life who were not supporting my life’s goals.  Through her clairvoyant gift, she verbally illustrated my future and I was able to make immediate changes. She gave me the specific steps I needed to take to find my husband and get pregnant.

Now, 1 year later, I am happily with a wonderful man, got pregnant without IVF and gave birth to a beautiful daughter.  Dawn put me on a path to expediting the fulfillment of all my dreams. She is a miracle-worker.”

~ Lisa Berman, Entrepreneur & Loving Wife and Mom


“Dawn is GREAT.  I was stressed about finances and also had insomnia. I had been to several sleep specialists but could not solve the problem. Dawn restructured the way I thought about sleep and gave me concrete advice about who to quiet my mind. Because of Dawn, I am now getting 8 hours of peaceful sleep. You are a miracle worker.”

~ Jay, Finance Executive

“Dawn is as authentic as anyone I have ever met. She is quick to focus on, and diagnose, the aspects of your life and personality that are at the core of your issues/concerns from a personal and professional perspective. Furthermore, her ability to help you effectively navigate through, and overcome, these problem areas is phenomenal. I would highly recommend her to anyone – she was a tremendous resource to me during very turbulent times.”

~ Andy Ellerhorst, Tech Start-up Executive

“I was very stressed. I had problems in every area of my life and was at the brink. Dawn showed me how to deal with the stress and let it melt away. She also gave me techniques for eliminating stress and solving the problems in my life.  I feel like a new person every time I talk with Dawn.”

~ Linda, Business Executive


“Dawn helped me when doctors could not.  I kept getting sick and had low energy.  I saw multiple doctors who gave me medications but then I felt worse.  Dawn looked at all the “energy” areas of my life Spiritual, Physical, Intelligence, Sexual and Emotional – her framework of mind, body, heart, and soul.  While others were looking at one area, Dawn explained to me how they all interacted.  Her knowledge of food and nutrition was better than nutritionists.  She put together a practical plan and gave me tangible easy steps to be well. I followed her advice and I feel like a new person. Dawn is unlike any other spiritual person I have ever met.

Also, just talking with Dawn made me feel better. She has a calm blissful way about her.  I loved talking with her weekly.  This girl knows her stuff.”

~ Susan, Investment Executive

Love & Relationship Reviews

“Dawn is cool hip girl. I was LOL through the whole session – she had me in stitches. I thought since Dawn is young, she would have less to say but she is great. As a student in college there was a lot going on in my life and I felt lost. I was also having major boyfriend problems.  Boys can be stupid and selfish.

I am with a new guy and just happy about life. I never thought I would say that. For twenty-something issues Dawn is the girl to go to. She just knows things about you. It is like talking with a friend who has known you since birth.

I also think it would be hysterical to have a show with Dawn in a college dorm just telling how to solve their problems. She asks you do to some crazy stuff and activities and it is out there, wild, fun and engaging! Friends and therapists could not reach me about my life and Dawn did with her unusual and wild tactics.”

~ Laura, now HAPPY college student

“Dawn was a lifesaver when I went through a deep betrayal. My husband cheated on me and then made our divorce very difficult.  I went to Dawn to just help with the large stress.  I go so MUCH MORE from Dawn.  She used her amazing intuitive gifts to give me advice to make sure I was financially taken care of in the legal proceedings.  She gave me tangible tips and inside information that even my lawyer did not focus on. I have family and friends but Dawn helped me in a way that they could not.  My therapist tried to help me but talking with Dawn was the best.  She was my LIFE AND CAREER manager.  She consulted and advised me on every area of my life. She was my ROCK and having weekly sessions with her literally saved me.  She also helped me enter the next phase of my life with grace and calm.  This woman helped me solve every problem and identified potential problems that would arise so I was not surprised.  I feel like with Dawn, I have my own magic genie.”

~ Linda, Business Executive

“I am in a happy relationship and in love because of Dawn. She helped me get rid of destructive relationship patterns. I saw what I was doing wrong, corrected it. I am on cloud 9. Thanks Dawn!”

~ Lisa, Artist

“I am very happily married to a great man and have kids thanks to Dawn. Dawn helped me see things that I did not want to face. She was able to explain how I feel spiritually connecting to people and why my boyfriend at the time just did not fit. She reinforced what I deserve in a relationship rather than listening to my girlfriends who told me I was just lucky to have someone who wants to marry me.  It is very difficult making the right decisions with all this social pressure. Dawn illuminated things for me in a way that my therapist was not able to. I got further with Dawn in a few months than years of therapy. Dawn led me to my husband and I am forever grateful.”

~ Chris, Investment Banking Executive

“I was having a lot of problems with love and relationships. Dawn held my hand for the whole session and gave me clarity. I found it very comforting to know things about my true spirit. It means I can relax in the knowledge that the things I was feeling turned out to be things that are a natural part of me as opposed to something that happened to me that caused me my issues.  It gives me relief to know these are basic elements of my spirit and that my human side is adjustable and something I can always make changes to physically and psychologically towards refining the connection between these two sides of myself.  I was feeling very trapped by circumstances, and our session gave me the information I needed to be able to calm down and let go more easily.

~ Jennifer Delpliego, Retail Manager

“Dawn is the real deal. She has the most unique combination of intuition and practical advice. I see her bi-monthly because I gain so much from our  sessions. I am always AMAZED at her high level of intuition and how she just knows things. She guides me professionally and personally. I make better career and life decisions because of her. I feel wonderful and enlightened when I speak with her.  She really cares about her clients.”

~ Michelle Geller, Business Executive

“I was having issues with my marriage and the marriage counselor was okay but not really helping me sort it out. Dawn helped me by bringing to light issues that I did not know.  She is so accurate and gives great tips on how to practically handle relationship problems.  We got over the hump because of Dawn.  Thank you Dawn for helping me to save my marriage!”

~ Sarah, Happy Wife & Mother

“Dawn, I wanted say thank you for your positive, intuitive and affirming advice. I would recommend you to anyone wanting a compass to guide them with any important decisions they are contemplating. You always offer specific help and hope for the future. Thank you again for your compassion and insight.”

~ Lori, Esthetician & Personal Trainer

“Dawn’s style made me relax and focus. I was able to take all she said and see how it applied to every facet of my life. Her accuracy and level of awareness was uncanny. I felt like I was talking to a long time friend, rather than someone I had just met for the first time.”

~ Liz Jayne, Worldwide Acts

“Dawn is great to talk with about relationships.  I really appreciate that she is very supportive of men and achieving our goals.  Many female consultants are not as open or supportive of the male struggles but Dawn was really there for me without judgment. She wants men to be themselves, authentic and happy.  She restored my faith in women.”

~ John, Hedge Fund Executive

Life Purpose/Soul’s Path

“I have had the pleasure of working in Hollywood and Bollywood and meeting many stars –  Steven Spielberg. Dawn is a star and is the best. I have never met anyone who is on her high level and I have seen spiritual gurus around the world.  I have gotten help from shamans in the Himalayas of India and Dawn’s guidance was more powerful for me.  I did not think that kind of special guidance was available except from devoted ‘masters’ who are in spiritual form.  Dawn delivers her divine information in a pleasant way.  She has truly unique gifts.  She expedites your love, bliss and abundance. You leave happy, peaceful and empowered. You also receive tools to sustain your deepest dreams. Doing a session with her is a life-changing experience.”

~ Kumar Pullana,  Movie Actor who has worked with Wes Anderson & Steven Spielberg

“From the moment you meet Dawn, you know there is something special about her.  When I first met Dawn, I was living in New York and she in Los Angeles.  In spite of this, we developed a bond that transcended distance and even logic.  She is a leader, mentor, friend, cheerleader and peer all at the same time.  Any person coming into contact with Dawn is guaranteed to feel INSPIRED and walk away with a SMILE.”

~ Shibani Joshi, Fox Business News Reporter and Harvard Business School Alum

“If you are ready to truly get to know your soul and willing to go on one of the most sacred journeys in your life, Dawn would be the best companion for this tremendous and most beautiful experience.  I have worked with many people but the level of clarity and true understanding you’d get from this wonderful woman/being is unmatchable.  Dawn is the PHD of spiritual mediums and understands how our spiritual side combines with our human everyday life on a level that most other mediums cannot even reach. She’s not just for your basic “how to’s” and “what to do’s” in your life, but more of how do I connect to my soul calling, and be able to manifest it in my daily life to achieve my deepest personal and professional goals.  So enjoy the most stunning journey in your life and allow her to hold your hand through this, at times tumultuous, and yet the most important journey of your life!”

~ Sevda, CEO

“Dawn is a modern day oracle.  She has gifts beyond verbal illustration. She identified my spirit guides which made perfect sense in harmony with my character and helped bring to light my intuitive gifts.  Dawn also helped empower my being and energy to accept my worth as a professional and in my personal life.

The thing about Dawn, is that she doesn’t tip toe around energy or tell you what you want to hear, she is direct and moves her power through your energy for absolute results now; magnifying results and minimizing blocks.  My favorite quote from Dawn is “Love is a gift.. Who ever opens a present slowly?”  Life is about digging in and enjoying the absolute best and there’s no better time than the present.   Dawn radiates that light.”

~ Kelli Lonetto, Published Photographer, Poet and Senior Graphic Designer

“Dawn is the LIGHT of all Lights!  She is able to cast light on all issues.  I have used her for personal, professional, financial, and creative areas.  She is an endless well of wisdom and spiritual guidance.  I have been enriched immensely through speaking with her.  Dawn delivers results on every level. Dawn is a creative powerhouse and is going to be successful at any creative project.  I feel like Dawn is a human angel for me and all mankind.”

~ Kofi, World-Renowned Music Producer to many industry legends including Cher & Tina Turner

“I came across Dawn through Freddie Segal and Dali Lama advisors.  They raved about Dawn.  Dawn is FANTASTIC!  She is a modern psychic Oracle.  She is so peaceful and happy.  Her smile just makes you know that everything is going to be okay. The Bliss Maximizer is the best purchase I have ever made in my life.  I saw her on a business issue and she also gave me help on health and love relationships. She has insight on all topics and customizes the information so that it is special for you.  I have been looking for over 20 years for a genuine spiritual advisor and I found it in Dawn.”

~ Bob, Entrepreneur & World Traveler

“Dawn, I wanted to thank you for that AMAZING session! You really helped me with my political career, personal life and other decisions. I feel so much more calm and focused. You will be hearing from me again and I am recommending you to all my friends.”

~ All My Love & Appreciation, Mickie B., Attorney & Nurse

“I have seen many top spiritual advisers including Sonia Choquette, Sylvia Browne, etc and Dawn is at a higher level, in fact the highest level. If you want to be on your authentic life path, be happy and get the most out of life, Dawn is the only person to talk with. She truly is a Modern Day Oracle.”

~ Lilly, finally loving life

“It is difficult to do justice to Dawn’s OUTSTANDING gifts and talents with only a few words. Dawn is very loving, caring, talented and connected to deep spiritual source. She is a blissful individual that helped me to be more grounded and helped me to get clarity during the time I needed it most.  As a result, I now have a better understanding of my life. She helped me tremendously on both a professional and personal level. I highly recommend Dawn to anyone that is seeking true guidance and clarity, and is ready to take life to a new higher dimension.”

~ Many Blessings & Much Love, Izabela Lundberg, Global Peace Activist

“Dawn possesses the acute ability to see and understand the abstract but ultimately essential aspects of person: their perceptions, goals and deepest points of experience.  She can express through language her innate understanding of a person’s most intimate reality and their most profound desires for self-expansion.  In my own life, I have experienced a great deal of turmoil surrounding my artistic growth and expression.  Dawn helped me to reorient my life towards a path that has been more conducive to meaningful creative experience and a professional life in congruence with my creative core.  I continually feel an improvement in the quality of my experience due to Dawn’s advice and I’ll look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”

~ Chase Baird, Musician

“Dawn, how utterly delightful to be the subject of your intuitive attentions. You were right on target with me. A big difference was made through your confirmations of those flightful things which you nailed down for my future focus.  I awoke this morning feeling that the (pig) fence enclosing me had been removed and I was free to move about this world.  This you did for me. Yes, bliss may very well be the eventual result.  Thank you so!!”

~ Lance Neeff, Successful Entrepreneur

“Dawn is a wonderful being and played a Very important role in my quest of finding who I am.  There is a lot of joy in  being around her.  Dawn, thanks for being who you are.”

~ I am that I am, David Kim, Engineer

“I met Dawn briefly while she was on vacation.  I know several psychics/spiritual counselors. From our short encounter, I could tell that Dawn was different – she is not only clairvoyant, she is also a Spiritual Guru.  She is on another level so despite being in different countries, I contacted her for a spiritual session. Her reading gave me a sense of soul and life purpose. She also gave me tangible information on how I could achieve my dreams. She is truly special.”

~ Suzie Q., Singer

Spiritual Fulfilment

“Dawn is very intuitive, accurate & uplifting. She is a definition for the word, inspiration. It was wonderful working with her on the TV show and seeing her in action on a daily basis. Dawn is truly gifted and so accurate in the moment, it can be spooky. Dawn’s personality is fantastic. She is so joyful and non-judgmental. I feel with Dawn that I have a colleague and friend who has integrity and is grounded.  What really shines about Dawn is her heart. She is so loving and open-hearted and truly wants to use her gifts to help people be happy. Dawn is a rock who is here to be of service.  Just as State Farm is there like a good neighbor, Dawn is always there, grounded and providing immeasurable clarity.”

~ Raiya Davidson, Co-Star, Ghost Intervention

“Dawn, you touched me at the very core of who I am. Without me even saying anything, you immediately connected me to my parents. You knew how long they were gone and that they died of cancer.  Communicating with them brought me to tears. You knew my brother’s name and that he lived out of the country. You also gave me invaluable help for my business and told me things that no one else knew. Your messages gave me such peace. Dawn I do not have words to express what you did for me. You are so warm and loving. I instantly felt at ease in your presence.You are an angel and I thank god you are on this earth.”

~ S. Gross, Salon Owner

“Dawn gave me information that no one else knew. She also gave me an in-depth session connecting me to my husband who has passed many years ago. It was as though she was channeling him. She was very accurate about his persona, values, looks and life outlook. The reading gave me peace. She gave me concrete steps on how I could move forward in my life and achieve my bliss. I also feel that she and my late husband worked together to expedite and energize my new love coming into my life. I have experienced a radical change in my life in only a few months. Thank you. Thank you.”

~ Tammy Stephen

“Dawn helped my family with a Ghost. We were looking into buying a house but something was off, even though it was a great deal.  Dawn surveyed the house and told us specific questions to ask the realtor.  It turned out Dawn was right and we were not getting the whole story on the house’s history.  We SAVED A LOT OF MONEY & AVOIDED A CATASTROPHE because of Dawn.  She has exceptional mediumship ability combined with business savvy.  We were so lucky to find her.  She is a rare jewel in her field.”

~ Nicole, Business Executive

Parties & Speaking Events

“Dawn thank you so much for helping to make our party a huge success.  Everybody had a great time and really enjoyed their readings – including me, it blew my mind! Thanks again and we will definitely spread the word on you since you are amazing and accurate.”

~ Emily Chingburanakit, Marketing Executive, Motion Theory

Fulfilling Dreams Through Art

“Your photographs are stunning!  These photos are truly beautiful. You are incredibely talented.”

~ Phil Bissell, World-Renowned Artist

“Dawn’s artwork – photographs, frames and t-shirts – are beautiful and magical.  She is a great artist and the first person I go to when I want to get art pieces!”

~ Anne Besser, Loving mom, wife and entrepreneur

“Dawn’s frames are unique and special. They are truly one of a kind works of art.”

~ Syrinthia Studer, Marketing Executive, Paramount Studios

“The t-shirts are beautiful, sparkling and divine. I love mine.”

~ Cynthia Charis, Energy Healer


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