Bliss for Businesses

Every offering is customized to provide each organization with the keys for experiencing and maintaining bliss and wealth


No matter the bliss for your company – maximizing profits, a huge IPO, that elusive growth strategy – we will advise you and put your business and organization on a successful path.

From her work with Apple, Goldman, McKinsey, billionaire investors, cutting edge start-ups, and other top companies, Dawn has direct experience developing strategies that maximize profits and optimize growth.

She is able to keenly determine the core areas that need to be addressed and develop sustainable solutions.

Dawn has helped companies generate over $100 billion in value.

“Dawn was an invaluable advisor on our multi-billion dollar distribution deal. It was a very complicated business situation and she did a great job in helping us achieve our goals. We made a lot of money because of her.”
– Tom Pritzker, Billionaire Investor, Chairman & CEO, The Pritzker Foundation & Fortune 100 CEO

Dawn has worked with clients and companies from all over the world: Advent Int’l, Apple, Bain, BCG, Disney, GE, Goldman Sachs, Google, Hertz, McKinsey, Peloton, Plume, Good RX, Blackstone, NBC Universal, Glossier, Instagram, United Healthcare, Unilever, Amgen, Tencent, Tata, Turo, Petrobras and more.


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