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Dawn’s artwork is owned by Fortune 500 CEOs, executives, doctors, healers, athletes, producers, and many others. Zandra Rhodes, world-renowned fashion designer, has Dawn’s art in her private collection.  Dawn is also a profiled artist for the Votre Vray project. Dawn’s sunset photos are featured in the prestigious exhibit, Live Large Here.

SPISE BLISS has over 2,000 stunning photos capturing the sunsets, sky and rainbows. Dawn says, “To me, sunsets are nature’s smiles. No matter what our background, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, economic status, physical abilities, or value system, there are certain experiences that allure us with its awe-inspiring nature. The sunset is timeless in its ability to inspire all and in doing so, it reminds us of our harmonious connection to each other.”


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