About Dawn T. Clare

President, SPISE Bliss Consulting.

Dawn is a Presidential Scholar, has a Bachelors degree from Pace University, magna cum laude, and graduated as a PepsiCo Scholar from Harvard Business School.

What is SPISE?

The SPISE framework Dawn created is very strategic. It is based in physics. It is about the ways that a human being gains and expends energy – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Sexual, Emotional.

Dawn is a TV host in the US & Europe, and has been on shows for TLC & Discovery

Dawn loves to laugh everyday.

She is a world-renowned holistic advisor and problem solver. She gives guidance focusing on business/career, health, personal, love/relationships, spirituality and wealth. She develops sustainable solutions to integral problems that maximize value for all interested parties – individuals, couples, businesses and organizations. She advises people at all levels including: celebrities, high-profile individuals and CEOs.

She uses her SPISE (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Sexual and Emotional) methodology to serve clients in many areas including: increasing money, achieving career success, admissions to top colleges and masters programs, helping companies maximize profits, finding love, sustaining happy relationships, helping couples get pregnant naturally, addressing cancer ailments, and the list goes on.


Dawn has a rare combination of spiritual skills, healing powers, creative gifts and business acumen.


She overcame a challenging childhood and homelessness to become a highly successful executive. Dawn has given Bliss Sessions to thousands around the world.

From Homelessness to Harvard to Hollywood to Happiness

Dawn has a strong foundation in admissions, business, consulting and career issues. She has worked in management consulting, high finance, global business development/marketing, and corporate/creative development. She has worked at and consulted with such companies as Apple, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and Paramount Pictures. She was given the Wall Street Mentor of the Year award when she was an executive at the pestigous financial company, CFS. She was Chairperson of The Rockstone Foundation and has consulted with major filmmakers. She was Vice President of Corporate Development at Warner Bros.

Dawn has given bliss sessions to thousands of individuals and businesses around the world including: the US, Asia, Europe, and South America. She has performed consulting and delivered presentations to Harvard University & the Harvard Business School Alumni Association, and many Fortune 500 companies including: Blackstone, BMG, Continental Financial Services, the Carlyle Group, Goldman Sachs, J.P, Morgan, PepsiCo, Paramount Pictures, Time Warner Corp., and Universal Studios.

Dawn has been on Discovery, Fox News, NBC, TLC and LA Talk Radio. She has been featured in several publications including: The Albany Union Times, Awareness Magazine, Career Builder, City Masala, The Dallas Morning News, Goddess Queen Magazine, Harvard Business School Alumni Magazine, iParenting, Indie Travel, The National MBA Magazine,The New York Times, Plug LA, Redbook, She Knows, The St. Clair Journal and the WorkWise Syndicated Column. She is also profiled in the book Grads Take Charge.


Dawn is a recognized artist


Dawn is a recognized artist and she is profiled in the Votre Vray Project. She spreads bliss through her creative gifts. Her frames and t-shirts are adored by both children and adults. Her stunning sunset photographs are featured in the prestigious exhibit, Live Large Here.

Dawn Considers Her Greatest Accomplishment That She
Lives Every Day In Abundant Bliss

Dawn does in person and virtual meetings . She has consulted with people around the globe including Asia, Europe and South America.

Dawn has served many blissful clients including: Fortune 500 Executives, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Harvard, Stanford and an array of Alumni, Artists, Athletes, Doctors, Mothers, Fathers and Celebrities.


+1 310.957.9699


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May every moment of every day be filled with bliss

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