Bliss for Individuals

Every offering is customized to provide each individual with the keys for experiencing and maintaining bliss and wealth


Whatever your bliss is – love, wealth, health, happiness and the list goes on – let us get you there. SPISE BLISS helps you experience personal and professional bliss. You are given the tools to find the solutions to your challenges and learn how to be on the path to love, peace, harmony, abundance, health, wealth and success.

Most consultants put people in a position of pain because it is an easier sell. I am first and foremost about the RESULT, not just happiness. Bliss is not about an esoteric concept; it is about LIFE. A person can literally die from pain but she does not from happiness; it is about what is sustainable.

You deserve 100% happiness. The goal is to help you maximize your life Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, Sexually and Emotionally (SPISE).

Dawn, The Bliss Guide, is world-renowned for her sessions. She has been featured on several shows in the US and Europe being dubbed as the “Ultimate Advisor and fixer for both individuals and organizations.”  Clients call her The Expediter because she expedites their path to bliss and success.

She has the very unique gift of helping people determine their soul design/life purpose so they can experience the most in all areas: love, health, wealth, career, school and family.

Through counseling, you receive specific guidance especially for you. You learn how to be on your bliss line, blissful truth line, so you can experience an abundant and blissful life.

Dawn works with you to determine the best approach to getting specific answers to all your questions.

“Dawn is the real deal. She has the most unique combination of intuition and practical advice. I see her bi-monthly because I gain so much from our sessions. I am always AMAZED at her high level of intuition and how she just knows things. She guides me professionally and personally. I make better career and life decisions because of her. I feel wonderful and enlightened when I speak with her. She really cares about her clients.”

– Michelle Geller, Business Executive

Dawn does meetings in person and over the phone. She has consulted with people around the globe including Asia, Europe and South America.

Dawn has served many blissful clients around the world including: Fortune 500 Executives, Business Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Harvard, Stanford and an array of Alumni, Artists, Athletes, Doctors, Mothers, Fathers and Celebrities.

What is SPISE?

The SPISE framework Dawn created is very strategic. It is based in physics. It is about the ways that a human being gains and expends energy – Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Sexual, Emotional.


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