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Maximize your Life

Dawn will help maximize your life using her SPISE (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Sexual and Emotional) methodology and as a holistic advisor she guides you in all areas ~ career, wealth, health and well-being, personal issues, love and relationships, creativity, spirituality, and discovering what is it that makes you happy.

You Deserve 100% Happiness

SPISE BLISS offers customized guidance with practical results to help you experience personal and professional bliss.

Dawn does things with FUN and many people tell her they laugh more in her sessions than at a comedy show. Like the perfect day of a sunset serenading the sea, you deserve to live that every day. You deserve to attain ALL your personal and professional goals, with laughter and smiles.


Maximizing Stakeholders

Dawn is a Harvard MBA business fixer, consulting with small-to-major companies worldwide. She helps business owners and professionals solve complex problems across all realms, to grow their business and motivate employees to achieve their vision of success. Dawn offers services that address and maximize all stakeholders of an organization: stockholders, management, the board, employees, customers, and the community. Maximizing stakeholders gets RESULTS!

Build a Billionaire Business

She designs specific programs that integrate stakeholders with the goals of the company to maximize the key success factors. She will advise you, solve complex problems, and put your business and organization on a successful path to help maximize profits.

Have you had your daily dose of







Are you where you want to be today professionally and personally?

Dawn can help make your happiness and dreams a reality

Is your company maximizing its profits?

Dawn can help your organization achieve and surpass its goals. Increase stock prices, apply successful growth strategy and motivating productive employees

Are you achieving ALL your personal and business goals while being happy?

From getting into your dream college, winning an Olympic medal, to being loved and having a fabulous family and support system, to becoming a billionaire. Dawn gets you there with practical sustainable solutions.

Life & Business Consultant ~ Dawn T. Clare

1-on-1 Individual & Business Consulting

Email Dawn to schedule a

1:1 or group session

via phone or in-person.

Customized guidance with practical RESULTS. Dawn spreads bliss with her rare combination of spiritual skills, healing powers, creative gifts and business acumen.

Companies and Organizations

No matter the bliss for your company - maximizing profits, a huge IPO, that elusive growth strategy - we will advise you and put your business and organization on a successful path


Whatever your bliss is - love, wealth, health, happiness and the list goes on - let us get you there.

Intuitive Bliss Sessions

for spiritual guidance

Spiritual counseling to receive specific guidance especially for you.

Bliss Maximizer Sessions

to attain your goals

Expedited results for changing your life path, increasing money, getting pregnant or an urgent health concern

Available for Speaking Engagements

Dawn has also been a speaker around the globe to both small and large groups. She welcomes the opportunity to speak and inspire teams

Speaking Engagements

to inspire teams

Worldwide inspirational speaker to both small and large groups

Available for Parties & Functions

Dawn has been scheduled at parties around the US, Europe, South America, and Israel, including Grammy & Golden Globe entertainment industry functions.

Parties & Functions

unique and fun

Dawn's Mini Bliss session brings unique insights to your party guests

Meet Dawn T. Clare – Your BLISS Advisor

Dawn loves to laugh everyday.

Dawn is a highly successful business executive with 18+ years of global experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds and a Harvard MBA. Dawn has a unique gift as a holistic problem solver and has hosted TV shows in the US & Europe.

She gives guidance focusing on business/career, education, health, personal, love/relationships, spirituality and wealth. She develops sustainable solutions to integral problems that maximize value for all interested parties – individuals, couples, businesses and organizations. She advises people at all levels including: celebrities, high-profile individuals and CEOs.


Client reviews from Fortune 500 Executives, Entrepreneurs, Harvard Business School Alumni, Artists, Athletes, Healers, Psychics, and Celebrities

You Deserve 100% Happiness

Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, Sexually & Emotionally

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