The Wishing Well serves you on all topics including: love, relationships, health, career, family, life purpose, negotiations, financial matters, business issues, legal items, and anything else that brings you bliss.

You can have everything you want in life! Each of you is a king or queen of a vast Empire – your life. You have the grandeur to create and manifest all that you desire on this earth. There are two guidelines that are helpful in this process.

First, you must feel completely that you already inhabit the feeling of your wishes. For example, if you want financial wealth, you must feel you are already an abundant person.

Second, to expedite the manifestation process, it helps if you are on your blissful truth line. Each of us designed our lives before we incarnated as humans. We made agreements with other humans to help and support each other. Focus on your true desires, skills and qualities. Follow who really are and your life falls into place with ease.

Meditation Booklet

Dawn has written a booklet about meditations techniques, Beginning Meditations, that is used by many all over the world.  If you would like an electronic copy, please put Meditation Booklet, in your Wishing Well email.  The cost for each booklet is $20.00

The chart below helps with tangible tips:







Feeling your desires: Inhabit the full feeling of your wish. Based on the law of attraction, the Universe brings you experiences that match how you feel.  Do you ever notice that some people enter a downward spiral in life, while others seem to live in abundance? Create a mantra for your desire.  For example, "I am a wonderful person who deserves $1 million this year". Repeat the mantra a minimum of twice a day to reinforce your feelings!


Being in touch with your soul's design: Knowing who you are on a spiritual, physical, intellectual, sexual, and emotional basis. Each one of us is different and no two people designed the same experiences. The Blissful experiences and people you chose to support you in this lifetime are attracted more easily when you are living your chosen life. Your soul chose to be here and it can live in its chosen grandeur. Intuition is the self-intimacy for awakening to your soul's design and life purpose. A great technique that expedites this process is meditation. It gets you in touch with who you are on many levels. You can start off by meditating for 3 minutes a day, and then add a minute each week. Whatever place brings you SERENITY & BLISS!

Please send ONE wish per email and include any pertinent details. The more you put energy towards one desire, the more you are focusing on having that dream come true. It helps if the statement is in a powerful personal wording that is in the present tense. For example, “I am attracting my perfect soul mate.”

For an amount (the suggested amount is $20, and the minimum is $9), I review, meditate and help in co-creating your wishes. If applicable, you are also contacted by email with specific guidance about fulfilling your desires, and assisting you with any challenges that may be blocks on your path to bliss, love, peace, harmony, abundance and financial wealth.

If you would like to order the Meditation booklet and get support for your Wish, then the cost starts at $40.00

We select one person from the Wishing Well for a FREE bliss session.

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