“Dawn was an invaluable advisor on our multi-billion dollar distribution deal. It was a very complicated business situation and she did a great job in helping us achieve our goals.  We made a lot of money because of her.”
- Tom Pritzker, Billionaire Investor, Chairman & CEO, The Pritzker Foundation & Fortune 100 CEO

The Wall Street Journal cites a study that says unhappy and dissatisfied employees cost companies over $1 Trillion in lost productivity and revenues on an annual basis. This loss increases costs and decreases revenues for all areas of the Value Chain including: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Distribution. 

Through Dawn’s skills, experience and background - 10 years of global experience in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds and a Harvard MBA - she can help your organization maximize its success and profits. Her areas of expertise include:
  • Global Business Development/Marketing
  • Maximizing Profits & ROI
  • Increasing People Productivity

Dawn offers services that address all stakeholders of an organization: stockholders, management, the board, employees, customers, and the community. She designs specific programs that integrate these groups with the goals of the company to maximize the key success factors.

A core success enhancer is maximizing people potential.
Organizations may not have direct influence over external factors such as the marketplace or regulatory environment, but they do have the ability to manage how the company responds to these issues. Having everyone in the organization happy, satisfied, productive and working towards the same goal, ensures sustainable success.

If the people in your organization are at their maximum potential,
then when changes occur in any environment, they can respond in the best way to achieve success and maximize profits.

Dawn helps the company innovate and utilize its best asset, people in an efficient time frame.

Dawn ties job satisfaction and happiness to the bottom line thereby increasing productivity and helping to increase profits. She relates employee and management performance to ROI for the organization. This method helps to maximize return for all stakeholders.

Please contact consulting@spisebliss.com to maximize your success and increase your profits.


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