Dawn T. Clare
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Dawn is on Discovery & TLC TV in the US and Europe

Dawn T. Clare predicted that there would be a Wall Street financial crisis in 2008 & that we would see the fall of the Lehman & Merrill Lynch Companies

Guidance with Practical Results -
Expediting Maximization of Individuals & Businesses

Thank you for entering the universe of SPISE BLISS

Thank you for choosing to be alive at this time

SPISE BLISS serves you Blissful products and services that
Maximize your life of
Love, Abundance, Peace, Harmony, Health, Wealth & Success

Every offering is customized to provide each individual and organization with the keys for experiencing and maintaining bliss and wealth


    "Dawn has a rare combination of spiritual skills, healing powers, creative gifts, and business acumen. She overcame an abusive childhood and homelessness to become a highly successful executive."

"SPISE BLISS helps you - individuals, businesses and organizations - expedite attainment of personal and professional goals. Thousands around the world have benefited.

“Dawn was an invaluable advisor on our multi-billion dollar distribution deal.”
- T. Pritzker, Chairman & CEO, The Pritzker Foundation and Global Hyatt Corporation

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